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Since its inception, the focus of Frog Lake Energy Resource Corporation has been that of becoming a more recognized oil company capable of delivering substantial value to its owners. With the strong support from the Frog Lake First Nation’s membership and governing council, FLERC has shown significant growth success and potential over the decade. Its acquired expertise, capability and capacity of participating in the oil and gas industry has been due to implementing a strategic partnership model. The strategy has enabled FLERC’s share of production to exceed  to peak at over 3,500 barrels of oil per day.


The following is a snapshot of FLERC’s milestones since its incorporation:

  • 2000
    This was the beginning of FLERC’s incorporation. They had no assets, no production, no cash flow, no staff.
  • 2003
    FLERC forms a joint venture with industry partners with capital and enterprise. FLERC then acquired mineral leases from the Nation.
  • 2005
    Acquisition of Husky Oil Ltd. Assets on Reserve Joint venture with Industry Partner (50% of FLERC interest).
  • 2008
    FLERC’s interest in production exceeds 1000 barrels per day. FLERC’s lands are under developed and have numerous drilling/rework opportunities that will be pursued with partners.
  • 2009
    This was the start of FLERC’s partners’ aggressive drilling program on Frog Lake lands. FLERC’s funding for this operation was from its own internal cash flow.
  • 2010
    Farmout & Joint Venture with Windtalker Energy Corporation. Foreign E&D capital accessed under favorable terms to FLERC.
  • 2012
    Property Acquisition/Joint Venture – Perpetual Energy Inc. 33% interest in under developed Sparky oil pool. First project off Frog Lake First Nation lands.
  • 2013
    FLERC’s share of production from operators exceeds 3000barrels per day, Cash Flow $30MM and Debt Free

The Frog Lake Energy Resources Corp. have taken on an active role in both charitable donations and sponsorships towards community development. Part of FLERC’s mission is to discovering avenues of wealth management and sustainable development.

One of the key issues to be addressed is while FLERC utilizes FLFN resources, we often have to be considerate of the territories wellbeing and ensure collaboration efforts are being made regarding cultural sites and heritage.